No Copy Paste.Native Conversion

Everybody knows websites are made in HTML. While there are many fancy new scripts covering the sites in glitz, the pages are still rendered in good old HTML. Sites with dashboards like WordPress, make use of a complex system of plugins and page management that allows you to control the your site through an intuitive control panel. Therefore in a well put together WordPress site, everything is controlled from its dashboard without the need to go into editing HTML.

At the same time there is a badly put together WordPress site, where HTML is just copy pasted into pages and widgets are just plain old code. Such a site is a pain to manage, and takes all the fun out of WordPress. Anyone can put together such a site because all it takes is copying and pasting HTML stuff from your old site into WordPress pages. But this is something you do not want. And we promise you that when we convert your website to WordPress, there will be no copy pasting. Everything will be "constructed" in WordPress so that you can edit the site with few simple clicks.